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Are you an advertiser (Company and / or Brand)? StatesOne may be the right publisher if you are trying to reach a new audience within our 42 local news editions.
Your expectations as a Final User
Safe, Non-intrusive, Useful ads
Because you deserve non-intrusive and non-viral ads, our team is working on new ways to highlight products or services which could be of interest to our final users.

Your expectation as an Advertiser
Qualitative Ads Placement
Because you require a promotion that correlates to your communication policy, our team is at your disposal to help you get the perfect rendering related to your Onclick Popunder, Classic Banners, Mobile Interstitial, Direct Link or Video Ads.

Custom Ads Placement
Not available on current operating version
You may be looking for a custom display to present your Product / Service on StatesOne. Our team is working on ways to help you advertise directly on our 42 countries feeds in near future and we are at your disposal to work on custom advertising placement on our Related Products regarding your brand. Get familiar with our product by using it and check our to get a global picture while advertising with us.
Testimonials and Disclaimers
Our company highlights products and services tested by our team, and can therefore orientate its Final Users in search of qualitative products or services. Our company has no control over the products or services offered to by our contracted Advertisers and can therefore not be held accountable of customer complaints. Please directly refer to advertisers listed on our advertising program if you are looking to report an abuse or a user complaint.

Advertising & Legal Policy
StatesOne does not track you nor your device while using the above services. Our aim is to offer clean, reliable and safe advertising options to advertisers within StatesOne. Our company is duly registered and respects the Corporate Law in France (taxation). Some provisions can fall under the Law of the EU (Right to be forgotten). Check our General Conditions for more information on how we respect your privacy.
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