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Ahmed Abdu - Suuta Deemi | ሱታ ደሚ - New Ethiopian Oromo Music 2018 (Official Video) Find us on the following links፡ visit yegna-tube: http:// www.yegnatube.com/ Like yegna tube on Facebook: https://www.Facebook.com/yegnatube Check out more videos: https://bit.ly/1Nm7ngQ

Hailemariam Desalegn's snap resignation as Ethiopia's prime minister last week set off a dramatic chain of events in a country that has seen mass, anti-government protests for several years.A state of emergency order soon followed the announcement, plunging Ethiopia even further into a state of political uncertainty.As it prepares to replace...

COMMENTFor the past four years, ever since the first serious rumblings of discontent began, it has been difficult to appreciate the scale of the political crisis in Ethiopia.Africa’s second-most populous country maintains an extraordinarily tight grip on information. Local journalists are routinely harassed, intimidated...

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