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StatesOne General Conditions Of Utilization

To properly use this product, you are invited to:

accept our General Conditions of Utilization (as per mentioned G.C.U)
• accept our Privacy Policy
• accept our Cookies Policy
• be at least 13 years old
• create an account if you want to unlock all 3.0.x features for free
• understand that we use a less-aggressive method of indexation: v3.0x may index national portals, public pages on social networks, national websites, personal websites that have been made public (e.g: politicians, athletes, artists). It does not index private social pages nor private website including blogs. Our best guarantee regarding our indexation method is Phoenix© our Vanishing News Technology embeded in our product since 2016 which guarantees that we have no access to indexed data after a certain period of time; that countries data are not transferred, stored nor sold while they are being indexed™. Compare our data protection guarantee to those of best Search Engines.
• accept that we consider Internet as a global source of knowledge that must become accessible to the less-connected people. StatesOne is your country's engine partner since 2012.

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