A good user experience starts with trust.
Our expectations as a Search Engine:
Safe Use

You are encouraged to avoid bots and web proxies while consulting or using StatesOne.
Using artificial connections may deteriorate the display of our pages while you are using StatesOne so you will not be able to enjoy it in full conditions.

Your expectations as a Final User:
Product Trust

Major safety tests have been conducted regarding our product and our team is focused on improving its product's safety daily:
1. AVG (Product Safety): passed
2. Spamhaus (Email Safety): passed
3. SSL Certificate (Encryption): passed
4. Norton Safe Web (Surfing Safety): passed
5. Google Safe Browsing (Browser Safety): passed

Need more guarantee?
Check our security ratio on more than 60 major antivirus softwares and online scans.

Check our Security Ratio

For a safe World Wide Web start requesting security certificates and eco guarantees from websites you use daily.
StatesOne© is safe for your personal devices and email upon registration and while using it. We will never spam you, sell, nor transfer your mailing contact to any third-party.
Please contact us if you find any issues that can affect your user experience or if you find a breach in our security. A team mate will get back to you.

Added-value as a Search Engine:
Vanishing Data Systemâ„¢

StatesOne is the very first Search Engine in world's history that enables a data vanishing system regarding old data it indexes. This means that data we index are not stored, sold, nor transferred to any third-party. It also means that our team, final users and other Search Engines cannot access data once they are deleted. This is our eco-friendly participation and best guarantee to you as a final user.
Data vanishing:
Notice to Local Websites and National Portals

Being indexed on StatesOne will automatically boost your domain authority and the number of links outside your domain.
If certain links no-longer work in Search Engines results, it means our vanishing system have deleted the concerned data. To get your data fully indexed on StatesOne, we encourage you to create a social profile on Stateslink and start posting news regarding your website. Data posted on Stateslink do not automatically vanish, so you have full control over them: You can post or delete them manually anytime you want. This is our best guarantee to you as a local website or national portal, regarding data control.
Data vanishing:
Notice to Final Users

As a final user, you can post as many links you want on Stateslink, your Professional Community Network. You have full control over them: You can post or delete them manually anytime you want. This is our best guarantee to you as a final user, regarding data control.
Feel free to check our General Conditions and do not hesitate to contact our support team for any further questions.