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StatesOne is the very first Local News Engine ever built in world's history. It is operated and developed by Stateslab®, a France-based startup company. It is the first Search Engine to bring countries' news in 360°. It is the first seach engine in history that has considered Tweets as relevant news data and start indexing them and highlighting them as part of "News" on its Search Engine.

We are the company which invented the term "Local News Engine" in 2013 and we started using it in 2014 within our corporate materials. Since 2012, our search engine aims to become countries' privileged partner within the tech-industry.

StatesOne is useful to you and promotes your countries' best local media by the use of robust and smart tools. Our aim is to display all countries in the world with an equal presentation. In doing so, we will list a wider range of countries in the near future.

03.2016 StatesOne becomes the very first search engine in world's history that enables a Vanishing Data system, which means that countries indexed data are not stored, sold, nor transferred to any third-parties. They are deleted passed a certain time and no-longer accessible by our team and by our final users.

StatesOne is safe for your devices and fully-secured (PC, Mobile, App versions). It can improve your local routine.

An infringement of your Product / Technology / Local or Global Media's Terms Of Use or Privacy Settings?

Feel free to report an abuse: your media or the content related to your Intellectual Property infringement will be removed within 24 hours from StatesOne and no-longer visible.
As a fully-registered company, our guarantee is applicable to Individuals, Small & Medium Businesses, Organizations and Firms, Associations.
It respects the Law of the EU EU (Right To Be Forgotten) - as well as the Corporate Law in FR France (Taxation).

Legal 1: Contracted freelancers & products

👉🏼 Attn. to Individuals / Marketplaces

Stateslab® may use regular services from contracted SEO Clerks and Developers to insure its product promotion as part of its communication policy. It may contract freelancers on a regular basis within trusted Marketplaces to acquire other technologies that can be useful to its final users. Once a Freelancer is not contracted on a Marketplace, he is provided with a Non-Disclosure Agreement Contract and a Custom Development Contract, both signed by Stateslab and by the contracted Freelancer. If our startup contracts freelancers via Marketplaces, legal aspects are therefore transferred and endorsed by the Marketplace which is responsible to ensure the validation of the Contract once the freelancer / product / service is paid.

Legal 2: Startup ideas & final product protection

👉🏼 Attn. to Individuals / Small & Mid-Size Businesses / Organizations & Firms / Associations

Stateslab® may use state or interstate legal services to ensure protection of its product ideas (listed in its corporate website, www.stateslab.com) as well as its product functionalities (www.statesone.com) in the US (Product), in France (Corporate), in the EU (Intellectual Property, Product, Corporate assets).

Stateslab® may use a legal action in the US, in the EU and in its 42 countries to protect its corporate human and technical assets in case of its G.C.U violation, Product abuse or Corporate assets defamation (parts 1 & 2 as per reference).

We do our best to bring transparency and responsibility in all stages of our Value Proposition to our Final users and Business partners.

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Effective Date: 03.18.2017

CEO: Isaac Arnault, PhD

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